Year 1 2017/2018

This term Year 1 and Year 2 have been comparing Bristol with a village called Chembakolli in India. Today to finish of this topic they learnt about Indian clothing, learnt a Bollywood dance and then enjoyed some Indian food. What a fantastic day we had!

Year 1 perform 'The Magic Porridge Pot!'

Year 1 performed their text 'How to Catch a Troll' in front of the school. 

Year 1 2016/2017

05.07.17 - On Wednesday, we went on a school trip to At Bristol. We all had a fantastic time! 

17.03.2017 - Year 1 took part in a workshop where they learnt about the life and work of Brunel. Thank you to Steamhorse for providing the workshop.

Year 1 Talk for Writing in Term 4!

This term Year 1 created weather reports. All of them are shown below. Enjoy!

Our Term 3 story - Monkey See- Monkey Do! 

Enjoying Christmas lunch.

Our Term 2 Talk for Writing story!

On Monday, year 1 went on a local walk to the park. We saw many different buildings on our way and recorded them on observation sheets. 

Year 1 built a troll trap! 

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